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Growing Up Online

          Today, we oftenly see teenagers and even the younger children spending their leisure time on watching TV, playing games, and socializing through internet. It is very difficult to see a household without a TV or internet. Like the saying, today we live in a globalized world, where people put high value on media and technology. Imagine what it would like to be to not have TV, internet, and other sources of media. 
          I am not an exception to those who connect themselves to internet daily. In fact, I can say I am addicted to online games and internet. I can’t imagine my life without internet and TV. Yet, I believe I could reduce the time spent on watching TV or using internet. In order to do so, I have to change my daily routine. First of all, I should be doing my homework as soon as I come back from school. My daily routine has been turning on my computer as soon as I arrive home. By doing my homework first, I would be able to be away from computer after I come back from school. For my leisure time, I should be reading books than playing computer games or watching TV. These would be able to reduce my time spent on computer and TV. Yet I would be encountering problems through avoiding the use of TV and internet. First, I would not be able to know about current events as I will not have any access to news. One day would be okay; yet if the unplugging goes for more than a week, I would be troubled. I would also not be able to socialize with my friends through messengers, which would be very troublesome. Lastly, I would be bored to death as I would not be able to play games. One month, no even one week, without computer and TV would be like hell for me.
         I believe I spend almost an hour everyday on Facebook or similar personal networking sites. I use online messengers like Windows Live much more often. I probably use messenger about two hours each day. Advantage of such personal networking sites and online messengers would be that I would be able to socialize with peers outside of school, which is really good for building friendship. I could encounter wide variety of people through online access, which is not that easy offline. Yet, we can’t ignore disadvantage of such constant use of networking sites. In personal networking sites like Facebook, people share rumors and may hurt others’ feelings. No secret can be kept online and rumors always spread. This would be the biggest disadvantage of personal networking sites.
          I am extremely aware that people use sites like Facebook for direct marketing. When we access to sites like Facebook we always see advertisements in the corner of the site. Such advertisement is very effective marketing use as billions of people connect to the site each day. Facebook also earn profit through such advertisements as the advertisers pay facebook to put their banner on. In fact this is how today’s society flows.
          Through watching “Growing Up Online,” I was able to learn again about the reality of today’s society. The film showed how today’s society can’t exist without internet or TV. The world has globalized to an extent where people can’t live without internet or TV, which take huge role in today’s world. Through the film, I was able to connect myself with the characters as I am under similar situation. I also decided to reduce my time online.

A young child playing computer game

A young child playing computer game


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