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Strange Foods

Recently I read that, outside North America, peanut butter is considered to be a strange food. It seems every culture has at least one food that is a true test of both our courage – and our stomachs – to try. When it comes to unusual food, China is no exception – where else can you get stinky tofu or pig’s blood on a stick?
Evidently perception of strange food is different for everyone. I believe the strangest food I’ve eaten is the fried frog leg. When I first ate frog leg, I couldn’t believe that I was actually eating it. However it didn’t taste bad and I actually liked it. There are few other strange foods that I ate; sparrow, pigeon, and dog are some other strange foods that I’ve eaten. I especially didn’t like eating the dog food, which is called ‘bo sin tang.’ As I like dogs, I regretted so much after I realized that I’ve eaten ‘bo sin tang.’ (My parents lied to me that ‘bo sin tang’ was a beef)
Bug foods sold on streets in China
Bug foods sold on streets in China

I believe there are much many others around the world who have eaten much stranger foods than that I have eaten. Then what is the definition of strange food? My definition of strange food is any kind of food that disgusts people. Foods made of cockroaches, grasshopers, cicada, and other types of bugs are the great examples of what strange foods are. People get disgusted right away after thinking of eating such foods; even I am extremeley disgusted. China  is an excellent place where you could find strange foods easily. Chinese are notorious for selling & buying bug foods on streets. Chinese also eat almost everything a person can eat like the monkey brain, rats, and etc.


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